Colonial Caribbean features the following tools and resources that can be used to aid in teaching: 

  • The Interactive Chronology records key events, uprisings, legislation, and institutional developments in the Caribbean throughout the period 1624-1870.
  • Contextual Essays and Video Interviews, written by academics and subject experts, highlight important documents and areas of study within Colonial Caribbean.
  • The Visual Gallery showcases visual elements from the documents, as well as a dedicated map gallery showing maps of the Caribbean region.
  • The Guide to Colonies provides useful background information about the colonies included in Colonial Caribbean while the Thematic Guides offer a helpful access point into the material through a thematic lens.
  • Written by AM's editorial team, Editor's Choice pieces highlight documents and narratives uncovered while producing Colonial Caribbean. They are intended to provide an insight into how to find more documents and information about a particular area, subject or theme, and to provide an entry point into the wealth of material present in the collection.